Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea is an essential drink found in cultures all across the globe in its many forms and styles. Learn about the various kinds and how to brew the perfect cup.

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The meaningful taste.

Loose leaf tea has been an indispensable part of our lives since ancient times. And for a good reason.

There is no question that tea is one of the world's most popular beverages. Joining a worldwide trend, loose leaf teas are growing in popularity since people are increasingly more perceptive as to the quality of what they consume. With all the purported benefits, it's no surprise that loose leaf tea has become a staple in many households all over the globe.

So, what is loose leaf tea? In a very general definition, a loose leaf tea is a tea that is not brewed in a teabag. Instead, the tea is brewed in its loose form for the best possible sensorial experience. Presenting the tea in all its glory, a loose leaf tea isn't just a drink; it is, for many, a way of life.

Loose-leaf or tea bags?

What differentiates tea bags from loose teas, and is one really better than the other?

Generally, tea is categorized into four broad categories, from dust to whole leaf grades, with whole leaf grade being the most exclusive loose leaf tea.

While the whole leaf means that the tea is made up of whole, unbroken leaves, tea bags are in most cases made from the opposite - low tea grades, such as dust and fannings. And when tea leaves are broken down, their flavor, aroma, and health properties usually deteriorate, leaving the tea with a one-dimensional taste and poor nutritional value.

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Choose the perfect type.

With a broad range of leaves and flavor profiles available, there is a taste for everyone. Each reflects its climate, geography, and production.

Although each tea you taste is unique, they are all made from the same plant - Camellia sinensis. All types of tea come from this bush, whether white, green, black, oolong or pu-erh.

Which one should you choose? Follow your tastes! As a rule, if you're used to brewing your favorite blend using tea bags, your taste buds are likely to enjoy it just as much in its loose form. In other words, consider what flavor profiles you like the most and seek them out in loose tea.

The bottom line, do not overcomplicate the tea-purchasing process. Always have fun and an open mind when exploring new flavors because the tea drinking experience is a delicious adventure in the first place.

What about herbal teas?

Now that you know where tea comes from, you might be asking whether herbal tea is, in fact, tea?

Strictly speaking, all teas come from a single plant - Camellia sinensis. Whether tea is green, black, or pu-erh, all are variations or different processing methods of the same plant.

On the other hand, herbal teas, also known as tisanes, are not derived from a tea plant. Instead, herbal teas - including rooibos tea - are infusions or blends of herbs, spices, fruits, or other plants. In short, tea comes from the actual tea plant, while tisane is an infusion of a particular herb or herbal blend.

Even though both tea and tisanes are not created equal, we refer to herbal infusion as tea or herbal tea. After all, they are both still generally known as, simply, tea.

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Brewing loose leaf tea.

Rather than a mundane routine, the whole practice of brewing a loose leaf tea is a ritual that can be both relaxing and contemplative.

Brewing loose leaf tea for the first time may seem like a daunting task. Thus, to help you succeed, we suggest keeping it simple in the beginning. With that being said, all you need to prepare loose tea is freshly boiled water, the tea leaves themselves, and a strainer.

Since brewing instructions vary by tea, we always suggest following recommendations noted on the tea's packaging. Usually, a single teaspoon of tea is used per each 8-12oz cup. Add it to a strainer, pour heated water over the leaves, and allow them to steep for the recommended time - in most cases, 3-7 minutes. And that’s it! Add honey for desired sweetness and serve.

Experience exceptional tea.

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Brew yourself an exclusive cup of deNATURA tea and relish every taste and every moment. Made with the purest ingredients and skillfully blended to perfection, our loose leaf tea will excite your senses.

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